La Besneta in Barcelona by Sam Wood for Smash Transit

The Top Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe

Veganism has definitely been gaining a lot of popularity in the last five years or so, and with that growth in popularity comes more and more demand for vegan food around the world. No doubt, Europe is at the forefront of this movement, with certain countries and cities in particular being better than others in terms of the selection for vegans. Here are the top vegan-friendly cities in Europe.


The vegan scene in Prague does a pretty good job of covering the range of food options, with a good contingent focusing on healthy (and often raw) food; but also, several places with typical Czech vegan cuisine, fast food, and some more high end options. There are also several great places to shop for other, non-food vegan products in Prague.

Highlights: Incruenti, Moment

Moment Vegan Restaurant in Prague by Sam Wood for Smash Transit


This northern Italian city has branded itself as the vegetarian capital of Italy, and with its vegan mayor, it may easily be the most vegan-friendly place in the country north of Rome. Though it is a rather small city, there is vegan food everywhere, with everything from burgers to bar food, but mostly typical, Italian dishes made vegan. And of course, gelato!

Highlights: Ratatouille, Il Gelato Amico, Flower Burger

Il Gelato Amico in Turin, Italy by Sam Wood for Smash Transit


This artistic Scottish city has a surprising number of all-vegan eateries as well as vegan options in many other places, even in ones you might least expect to find them! From high-end dining options to typical Scottish breakfast made vegan, there’s something to satisfy pretty much every craving you might have in Scotland.

Highlights: Soy Division, Saramago

Saramago Restaurant in Glasgow by Sam Wood for Smash Transit


Though Catalonia is often associated with seafood, the capital is actually very vegan-friendly and does a lot to promote its image as a veggie city. You can find pretty much every kind of vegan food in Barcelona, including gourmet dishes, super-healthy raw food, pastries, burgers, and of course, many different kinds of tapas.

Highlights: La Besneta, Cat Bar

La Besneta Restaurant in Barcelona by Sam Wood for Smash Transit


Austria’s capital is a really easy place to be vegan. With multiple, fully vegan restaurants and an all-vegan supermarket, it’s perhaps home to one of the best vegan burgers in Europe and some seriously good, non-dairy ice cream. There might be a slight lack of typical Austrian food made vegan in Vienna, but otherwise, veganism is widespread in the city.

Highlights: Harvest, Swing Kitchen, Veganista

Swing Kitchen in Vienna by Sam Wood for Smash Transit


Undoubtedly the vegan capital of Europe, Berlin has a plethora of not only all-vegan restaurants, but supermarkets, shoe shops, sex shops, events, and festivals produced entirely without animal cruelty. Vegan fast food is the big thing in Berlin, so there is a plethora of places to get a quick, cheap and filling meal in the city for under €5. Weekend brunch buffets are also very popular, though one thing that’s clearly missing are some high-end options.

Highlights: La Stella Nera, Vöner, Brammibals

Brammibals in Berlin by Sam Wood for Smash Transit

Other cities worth mentioning are London, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Rome, Budapest, Lisbon, and Paris, all with clear vegan scenes of their own that are growing rapidly. Perhaps one of them will even take over from Berlin soon as the vegan capital of Europe. Watch this space!

Do you have any favorite vegan spots in Europe? If so, do you have any suggestions or tips for people? If not, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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