5 Places To Visit in Scotland

One of the reasons that Franca and I decided to move to Scotland was the sheer number of beautiful places there are to visit. There are outstanding areas of natural beauty, including a variety of breathtaking national parks. In the cities and towns from the South to the North, there an abundance of things to do that will appeal to everyone, regardless of how niche one’s interests are.

Of the few places we’ve visited so far during our short time here, we’ve already seen that the picture-postcard status of Scotland is more real and far greener than even the most high-definition photograph.

Whilst we’re still exploring the cities and towns in Scotland, there are a few that we’ve been able to pick out that we’d recommend already. However, don’t be surprised if this list of places to visit doesn’t quadruple over the next six months.

Five Places to Visit in Scotland

Fife - Five Places To Visit in Scotland

Fife Coastal Path

The county of Fife, on the east coast near Edinburgh, is a vast hilly and green space where a number of walks can be taken across the ups and downs of the lush, dew-covered countryside. One walk in particular that stands apart as an experience, both iconic and unforgettable, is the Fife Coastal Path between Elie and Crail.

Every view is breathtaking. The water is a little too cold to go in, but it won’t matter. The walk alone is exciting, and every angle from which you admire the coast shows new colours and exciting views that will take your breath away.

It’s an easy walk, and only a few kilometers long. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can continue the walk past Crail, all the way to St. Andrews.

St Andrews - Five Places To Visit in Scotland

St. Andrews

Most visitors to Scotland are already aware of the city of St. Andrews because of the university status it holds. It’s a small town with a population of students that almost outnumbers the total of locals. This makes the city feel quite young and energetic when you walk through it, even though the history of the buildings that make up the very centre of town goes back centuries.

There’s a beautiful old cathedral ruin, the ruin’s of St. Andrew’s Castle, and hundreds of beautiful old buildings scattered throughout the town, some of which house St. Andrew’s University.

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Edinburgh - Five Places To Visit in Scotland


Scotland doesn’t get more beautiful than Edinburgh. And, when the age of the buildings and the beauty of the castle upon the hill aren’t enough to encourage you to visit, Edinburgh is perfect for digital nomads, too.

Having lived within the Scottish capital for a few months now, I’ve been able to see that there’s more to the city than the Royal Mile, the castle, and Holyrood Palace. There are cute cafés and artisan coffee roasters, new bakers opening in the bohemian parts of the city, and more designer shops than you can explore and browse in a single weekend.

Often, Edinburgh is only a short break location, and I really think it offers for more than those 36 or 48 hours can offer. There are wonderful people to be met and hills to be climbed. There’s even a beach at Portobello that you can walk along for a good hour or more whilst walking your dog.

Every time I go wandering, I find more travel tips for Edinburgh, and I expect to keep adding to that list for a long while to come.

Glasgow - Five Places To Visit in Scotland


When, on the few occasions I’ve spoken to locals in Edinburgh about where to go for good music, they more-often-than-not say “Glasgow.” And having been to the city for a third time this past week, I can’t help but agree with them.

Glasgow is a city with more going on if you’re more inclined to enjoy the alternative side of life. Not only is the city much larger than it’s more tourist-friendly sister city, there are also more museums to see, more shops to spend your money in, and far more cafes and eateries than we could possibly eat in over a long weekend.

There are two reasons why we enjoy our trips to Glasgow. First, the number of alternative gigs that happen there: Bands tend to put the west coast city on their tour dates and rarely visit Edinburgh. Second, the number of vegan restaurants in Glasgow is far greater, if not double.

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Aberdeen - Five Places To Visit in Scotland


Aberdeen isn’t nearly as frequently visited as the four above destinations, which is a great shame. It might not have the same culture to entertain you that Glasgow has, and it might not have as grand and regal of a centre as Edinburgh, but it does have character.

We travelled there without much of an idea as to what there is to do in Aberdeen, but we did find ourselves with plenty to do when we were there.

There’s an extremely long beach to walk and run along, a tiny fishing village that is incredibly well-preserved, and a number of great boutique shops to spend your holiday fund in.

Enjoy Your Trip in Scotland

Visiting Scotland is a must for everyone who visits the United Kingdom. It’s beautiful beyond measure, and will enrapture you from the moment you arrive. If you do enjoy any of the five places to visit here, we’d love to know what you think. Or, if you find somewhere else that you loved visiting, then do let us know in the comments.

Are you thinking about visiting Scotland? Ask me your questions in the comments!

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  1. We absolutely loved our visit to Scotland! We highly recommend the west coast and all it has to offer. It’s a lovely train ride from Edinburgh. We definitely hope to return someday!

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